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LED lights have become increasingly popular over the last decade. These energy efficient, long-lasting lights are popping up everywhere. LEDs are the future of lighting and a cornerstone of the energy efficient and green marketplace. Now, you can become part of this continuously growing industry by becoming a sales representative for the best and most energy efficient LED lights on the market.

As things pick up around here, we’re going to need even more sale reps to sell our bulbs and get the Intellivu name out there. The best part is, this doesn’t just give our product recognition, it also gives people like you the opportunity to run your own business and make your own money with the added benefit of having a well-known and established product to sell. We provide business training, complete ordering and fulfillment support system, an optional internet website package, photometrics technology platform, and a list of all our proprietary LED lighting products that separates us from our competition. 

If you want to be your own boss and make your own money while selling a best-in-class, high-demand products then get in touch with us now. You can fill out the form on this page or give us a call at 888-370-0629 to find out if your area is still available and to learn more about the program.

Don’t Miss an Opportunity to Work in the Ever-Growing Green Energy Industry!

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